Sep 24 by Cyphun

Welcome to the website

First, thanks for visiting the website. I just wanted to give you guys a quick introduction to myself and the website.

My name is Adam Becker and I am an avid gamer and software developer. Naturally, my hobbies and work have taken me to a place where I have been creating websites to help other people with the games they love playing. This is my third game database website and I really hope that you are able to use this site to help you achieve greatness in your new High School adventures.

This is a community driven website. That means that it gets it's usefulness from you. I will take your feedback and use it to make the website better. It also uses your submitted data (like partying results) to help calculate your best odds at getting that hard to get classmate into your school.

Please take a moment and check out all the different features of the website, and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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