Male Yacht Club
Student Evaluation
Hangouts Class prez, Prep
Party time 19 hours
Admit time 19 hours
Earns 135 per hour (see full rates)
Sells for 1,900
Gender Male male
Profile Parties, music videos, striped motifs... all things that are a million times classier when they're on a boat! The Yacht Club takes style to the seas, cutting through surf with the wind in their impeccable hair. Why choose between refinement and adventure when you can have both?
class prezprep

Partying stats

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Earning rates

Level Coins per hour
1135 Coin
2 145 Coin
3 155 Coin
4 165 Coin
5 175 Coin
6 185 Coin
7 195 Coin
8 205 Coin
9 215 Coin
10 225 Coin